Serving Our Customers

With a product range that is super extensive, you can count on us to order and produce according to customer’s requirements, all while giving you complete control over quantity, size, grade, style and print. In short, if something can be made from corrugated cardboard, we make it possible.

Quality Service

Our constant detailed checks for finalised orders leave no room for errors, hence delivering only the best to customers

Price Competitive

Our competitive prices make it more enticing for customers to receive high quality products that they strive for.

Prompt Delivery

#1 choice among many thanks to our highly efficient designers and trusted delivery service that work hand-in-hand in making it a reality.

Largest Fleet

Currently holds largest fleet of trucks in Singapore & covers almost all postal codes in the country.

Faster Production Time

Equipped with highly designed processing system, Tat Seng delivers final products at a reasonable lead time.

Rack Storage System

Our rack storage system lets you tap on the power of our enterprise class solutions efficiently.